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We teach digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable online business with our unique coaching products and world class live events.


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    Learn simple and easy start-up steps to build a profitable, global online business.


    Automate your online business systems and processes to increase profits.


    Learn how to scale your online business and increase your customers’ lifetime value.


    Learn how to secure your family’s financial future and leave a legacy.

Digital Business System

The most comprehensive digital marketing training ever--developed by 7-figure digital marketers, for digital marketers. Kick your success into high gear with automation, sales funnels, community, tools, resources, and a whole lot more..


Digital Business Mastery Course

The first 3 months of any business are crucial, setting the direction & whether it will be one of success. BASE helps you "come out swinging" in those crucial early days, with shortcuts, tools and resources to fast track your digital business' success.


Digital Business Mastery Course

In internet marketing, your "inner game" is half the battle. RISE provides you with the key mindsets and concepts developed by top marketers for success, along with traffic, tools and resources to fast track your digital business’ growth..


Digital Business Profit Workshop

To really succeed in marketing, you need to "go deep." Top marketers get where they are by building connections with--and learning from--the world's most respected experts. ASCEND, A 3-Day all-inclusive retreat for two, is your opportunity to learn one-on-one from the world’s top business thought leaders... All under one roof.


Digital Business Prosper Retreat

You've got your business off the ground... Are you ready to take it to the next level? PEAK is a 5-Day all inclusive retreat for two that brings the world’s top thought leaders in business success, management, and leadership directly to you. It's success training  like you've never experienced it before.


Digital Business Legacy Experience

A pro is someone who succeeds; a champion is one who leaves a lasting legacy. APEX is a 7 day retreat for two where youll learn the art of wealth building, real estate and asset management from the undisputed champions of these industries. Simply the best business training event in the world.


Discover Why We Do What We Do

With technology evolving at lightning speeds and the rise in e-Learning in this information age… we wanted to create an educational incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers, and dreamers. 


Here Is What We Plan To Do

With technology evolving at lightning speeds and the rise in e-Learning in this information age… we wanted to create an educational incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers, and dreamers. We believe college is not always the best answer for entrepreneurs.

But we don’t believe going it alone is the answer either. It’s our goal to provide starters, marketers, and dreamers with the shortcuts, blindspots and tools to turn their drive into thriving, profitable Digital Businesses.

We will continue to strive to provide an educational incubator and community of like-minded people to share and amplify your successes. We want to help create true freedom so you can spend more time with your family, friends and those you care most about.

A business should give you more time to spend on the things you like, with the people you love.

Our program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between.

You don’t have to be a businessman or woman in a suit to have a successful company. The world wants you and your ideas, just they way they are.

Our product line was created for those aspiring to climb the mountain to success as a Digital Entrepreneur.

It’s packed with over 100 years of combined experience and success from the industry’s thought leaders and doers.

We have carefully crafted a product line that creates not just the foundation for success but gives you the map to climb to the top step-by-step. We will be here with you every step of the way.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

With a combined 75+ years of experience in the industry our team has the foresight to ensure the highest quality products, support and service.



A former U.S. Marine who over the last 15 years has become an industry leading digital business expert, speaker and trainer of tens of thousands world wide. He built his first multi-million dollar business by the age of 27. He loves to be outdoors and travel the world. He resides in California with his wife and two daughters. 

Operations Officer

An experienced, highly successful executive, investor and lifestyle architect. Mary has been training and inspiring people from around the world create a life of abundance and prosperity since 1997. Her loves include chocolate, dogs, massage and international travel. Mary resides in California with her husband and 3 dogs.

Imran Maqbool

VP of Marketing

A former Architectural Designer, Imran has been building 7-figure funnels for top Marketers since 2010, implementing 6 years worth of funnel and conversion mastery to achieve extraordinary results.  His knowledge of technology in the digital space positions him as an integral part of the Digital Altitude team. Imran resides in London, England with his wife.

Dion McIntosh

Business Development

Dion is a former recording artist turned entrepreneur, becoming a millionaire by 34 as a real estate developer and and founding companies in entertainment, tech, marketing and branding. Dion’s success comes from a rare combination of high level skills in areas like design, marketing automation, conversion science, business strategy and sales. Dion and his wife Frankie currently reside in Hollywood Hills, CA with their 3 small children.

Travis Cody

Chief Copywriter

A former screenwriter for Hollywood elites and last 10 years an Internet Marketing Copywriting legend who has worked has written for Agora on down and was the #1 copywriter for John Benson the creator of the VSL (Video Sales Letter). He's written thousands of the highest converting sales letters online. He prides himself on getting inside the head of the reader and getting them to sell themselves.

Jeremy Miner

VP Of Sales

The founder of 7 Figure Sales Training.  An internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught thousands of people how to go from just getting average results in selling to becoming a high 6 figure and even 7 figure sales earner. Jeremy has sold tens of millions in products and services over his career and leads the industry in high ticket sales and is one of the most influential sales trainers in the world.

Katya Dominguez

Marketing Officer

An experienced digital marketer, business analyst, and yoga teacher, Kat has worked with international businesses to drive sales, projects, growth, and planning. Kat’s results oriented approach has earned her recognition in the workplace. A world traveller, Kat speaks  Spanish fluently and is working towards French. She currently resides in Canada.

Morgan Johnson

Finance Officer

From being an independent consultant in the field to running operations on the corporate side, she has seen both sides of this business which gives her a unique vantage point. Morgan’s management experience stems from her past role as Operations Manager for Marriott Hotels as well as Sr. Ops VP for a past known direct sales leader. Morgan resides in Texas with her husband and 2 children.

Your Dreams Are Worth The Climb

We teach digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable business with our unique products and live events.


Digital Business System

A digital marketing, sales system and training platform designed by 7-figure digital marketers for digital marketers. Includes automation, sales funnels, community, tools and resources to ensure your success.