Digital Business Legacy Experience

A pro is someone who succeeds; a champion is one who leaves a lasting legacy. APEX is a 7 day retreat for two where youll learn the art of wealth building, real estate and asset management from the undisputed champions of these industries. Simply the best business training event in the world.


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Day 1 Agenda

We get into business to be set free, not to be trapped. Yet for many entrepreneurs their business can feel more like a cage than freedom. On day one of Apex, we will at how the richest entrepreneurs put systems in place to build their "dream" lifestyles.

  • How To Become Financially Free: 5 key steps on the path to freedom, and how to walk them effortlessly.
  • How To Create Additional Income: Discover little known ways to create diversified income streams and profit.
  • Build Streams Of Cash Flow: You’ll learn how to add more streams of cash flow to pad your bottom line.
  • Secure Your Retirement Income: 5 strategies to secure an autopilot retirement income that pays you while you sleep.

Day 2 Agenda

Ever wanted to beat Wall Street at its own game? Believe it or not, its actually possible--regular people CAN get 'one up on Wall Street,' and in fact, it's relatively easy to do so. On day 2 we will be looking at some of the investing secrets Wall Street DOES NOT want you to know about.

  • How the rich get richer: simple strategies that every rich person knows yet almost no middle class people do.
  • Fund your investments with opm: how to invest with other peoples' money and enjoy 100% upside, no downside
  • Take control of your financial future: how to take your finances by the horns in 6 easy steps.
  • How to beat wall street: the #1 advantage that you have over "wall street geniuses" & how to use it.

Day 3 Agenda

The ultimate key to financial success is to make money work for you. The best way to do this is to invest. On day three you will learn how to create long-term wealth and keep it growing for decades, all thanks to the power of intelligent investing.

  • Boost your financial iq: learn the 3 steps to boosting your financial iq to "genius" level.
  •  leverage secrets. How to harness the power of leverage to grow and scale your business.
  •  invest like the rich: discover the closed door investing secrets of the rich and powerful.
  •  create long term wealth strategies: 9 simple, but little known long-term wealth strategies the wealthy use every day.

Day 4 Agenda

Everything in life comes from mindset. Think like a rich person and you'll likely end up rich. On day four you will learn how the wealthy think and how to harness their mindset yourself for more success.

  • The Inner Game of Wealth: Discover the way wealthy people think and how to replicate them.
  • How To Stay Wealthy For Life: Learn the 9 top-secret ways the wealthy stay wealthy, & how to use them.
  • Your Financial Thermostat. Why 99% of people's thermostats are way off when it comes to money, and what to do about it.
  • The Law Of Attraction: Discover why your relationship with money repels or attracts it to you.

Day 5 Agenda

When it comes to money, it's all in the details. There are a million and one "little things" we all have to keep on top of to stay financially fit... Master them, and you're set for life.On day five we get into the nuts and bolts of wealth creation and how to build a solid foundation.

  • Win The Credit Score Game: Discover the 7 ways you can create a better credit score effortlessly.
  • How To Create Your Own Bank: You’ll learn a little known strategy the rich have used for decades.
  • Create A Tax Free Retirement: Discover how to rid yourself of taxes during retirement--100% legally!
  • How The Rich Use IRA’s: How the ultra rich do IRAs differently from the rest of us, and why it matters.

Day 6 Agenda

Profit predators--vultures who want to claim a piece of your profit pie--are a sad reality of life past a certain level of income. On day six you will learn how to legally protect yourself from the profit predators and  keep your legacy safe.

  • Awesome Asset Protection: Discover 4 strategies to help create better asset protection in your portfolio.
  • Ultra Rich Legal Tax Strategies: the tax strategies of the ultra rich aren't nearly as complex as you think--but they're very  effective.
  • Risk Managment Tactics: How to minimize your exposure to risk When you invest your earnings.
  • Annuity Analysis: A new way to analyze annuities and choose the best option for you.

Day 7 Agenda

Real estate--it's the most practical investment, and only one that you can develop to increase its value. On day seven we're going in-depth on real estate and how to leverage those assets to create a long-term legacy that will last for generations.

Rising real estate: discover how to invest in property successfully from some of the world's top real estate pros.

Hidden markets & no money down: learn how to find hidden markets and create no money down deals.

Wholesaling & rehabbing profits: discover how to explode your profits with wholesaling and rehabbing.

Time tested tax liens: discover the little known but lucrative tax lien strategies that can save you big time on tax day.